Participated in the development of the following projects


BirinciBank.azWebsite for social project for KapitalBank
ATLTech.azNew version of website for ATL Tech company.
Licorice-Company.comWebsite for Licorice company.
Azpetrol.azNew version of the website for the Azpetrol Ltd. LLC – an oil and gas company headquartered in Baku.
Azerchay.azNew version of the website for Azerchay.
Xazri.azWebsite for the credit card “Xazri” of KapitalBank OJSC
GreenCard.azThe new version of website for company “Greencard Azerbaijan”.


Yeni2017.azEntertaining service for the new year from KapitalBank OJSC.
DincelmekVaxtidir.azWebsite for the lottery from KapitalBank OJSC “Dincəlmək vaxtıdır”
Birkart.azThe site for the Birkart project of KapitalBank OJSC
Facebook application – flash game like “Galaxian” for promotion Birkart project of KapitalBank OJSC
KapitalBank.azThe new version of the site of KapitalBank OJSC
sendenbirdenedir.azOnline service for issuing a joke certificate from KapitalBank OJSC


gilanholding.comWebsite for the one of the major holding companies in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan Repbulic – Gilan Holding.
gilanseramik.azWebsite for “Gilan Seramik” LLC.
medilandhospital.azWebsite for Mediland Hospital.
gilanfood.azWebsite for qualified goods supplier company “Gilan Food”.
benkonsgroup.comWebsite for Benkons Group.
dalgabeach.azWebsite for Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort.
laparfumerie.azWebsite for the Network of the selective perfumeries “LA PARFUMERIE”.
limecatering.azWebsite for international professional catering service company “Lime Catering”.
medekshospital.azWebsite for “Medeks Hospital”.
reha-med.azWebsite for the Rehabilitation Center “Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan”.


OneClick.azThe site for business portal OneClick.
Offroad.azMobile version for website for
ATLGroup.azMobile version for website for ATL Group.
Offroad.azWebsite for the first and only road vehicle club in Azerbaijan –
ATLGroup.azWebsite for ATL Group.
Infotech.azWebsite for ATL Info Tech.
ramadahotelsuitesbaku.azWebsite for the Ramada Hotel and Suites Baku.
GreenCard.azWebsite for company “Greencard Azerbaijan”.
ishimibilirem.azWebsite for competition “Mən işimi bilirəm!” from AtaInsurance (AtaSığorta).
Resm.azWebsite for Resm jewelry.
SportsCafe.azWebsite for the entertainment center “SportsCafe”.
Paola-Morena.ruWebsite for the manufacturer of women’s clothing “Paola Morena”.


monde.azWebsite for MondeTrans Group company – transport companies operating in the Turkish market.
Fresco.azWebsite for chain stores Fresco
AARC.azWebsite for Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center
socar-belgium.beWebsite for Socar Belgium
luxenhouse.comWebsite for the Azerbaijan’s first and only construction, repair, furniture and decoration site “Luxen House”
chefschicken.azWebsite for the Chief’s Chicken Azerbaijan.
classi.azWebsite for German brand Classi Interiors.
Harada.azWebsite for busines and entertainment portal.
MZGroup.azWebsite for chain stores MZGroup.
USE.azWebsite for travle agency “USE Travel”.


RabitaBank.comWebsite for RabitaBank OJSC
BankRespublika.azThe new version of the website for Bank Respublika.
UniBank.azThe new version of the website for UniBank.
oculipopuli.comWebsite for Oculi Populi – an open platform for photos that reflect daily life in South Caucasus.

2011 for Nakhchivan State University.
bolkart.azWebsite for BolKart project of Bank of Baku.
v-develi.azWebsite for multiple-discipline manufacturing enterprise “Davali” OJSC.
Gencebank.azWebsite for Gencebank.
azeryol.azWebsite for “Azəryolservis” OJSC.
airportnakhchivan.azWebsite for the Nakhchivan International Airport.
businessaviation.azWebsite for the Silk Way Business Aviation. for The Shoting Federation of Azerbaijan Republic.
lemuroutdoor.comLemur – e-shop of alpinism goods.
innovaconstruction.netWebsite for “Innova Construction & Contracting” company.


azpetrol.azWebsite for the Azpetrol Ltd. LLC – an oil and gas company headquartered in Baku.
tedxbaki.azWebsite for TEDxBaki.
BankRespublika.azWebsite for Bank Respublika.
KapitalBank.azWebsite for KapitalBank.
UniBank.azWebsite for UniBank. for The Sumgayit Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic.
akc.azWebsite for Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology. Made functionality for creation of a separate site for each organization entering society on the basis of the main site.
kredaqro.comWebsite for “Cred Agro” Non-bank credit organization Contributors.
turanbank.azWebsite for TuranBank OJSC.
agbank.azWebsite for AGBank OJSC. for The Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan.


socar-aqs.comWebsite for integrated Drilling and Well Services Management company “SOCAR-AQŞ” LLC.
bankavrasiya.azWebsite for Bank Avrasiya OJSC.
realcleaning.azWebsite for the best cleaning company Real Cleaning LLC. for Department on Struggle Against Trafficking in Human Beings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
karvanturizm.comWebsite for KARVAN-K Tourism company.
geleceknesil.azWebsite for parents club “Gələcək Nəsil”.
caspiannavtel.azWebsite for GPS navigation system company “Caspian NavTel”.
bsu.azHTML/Css coding for website for Baku State University of the Republic of Azerbaijan
nrg.azWebsite for “Emotion” – mobile content & services providing company.
bizklub.azercell.comHTML/Css coding for website for BizClub project.


aim-az.comWebsite for Agro Information Center of Azerbaijan.
agajan-abiyev.azPersonal site for Agajan Abiev.
amf.azWebsite for Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund in Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic. for State Committee for City Building and Architecture of Azerbaijan Republic. for State Insurance Supervision Department of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic.
mingachevirpolice.azWebsite for Police Department of the city of Mingachevir of Azerbaijan Republic. for Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
yea.azWeb site for the “Initiative for Employment and empowerment Economic Opportunities for Youth Through the Baku Corridor” project
bedandbreakfast.azWeb site for the “Kənd evi” Travel and Informatin portal
demirbank.azWebsite for DemirBank OJSC. for The Executive Power of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan Respublic. for The Shirvan Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic. for The Sheki Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic. for The Executive Power of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan Republic.

2007 for The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan
azerbaijan.tourism.azWebsite for the tourist information portal of Azerbaijan for The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan for The Police Academy of the Republic of Azerbaijan for The Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan for The “Milli Majlis” of the Republic of Azerbaijan
agamali.azWebsite for Agamali village of Gadabay region.
roza.azOnline service for ordering flowers